What is IPTV? Is IPTV better than cable?

For several decades, televisions have been the main source of entertainment in the world. From his invention, new display technologies and TV channels continuously improve the user experience. In the 21st century, Internet technologies and smartphones have revolutionized the entire civilization.

The standard methods for showing cable and satellite television programs are about to be updated with new wireless broadband technology and Internet-based streaming services. The IPTV reader has an important role to play in this transition phase.

Usually, customers do not only care about the content but also how to access it. This is where IPTV comes into play. Read the whole article to know everything about IPTV.

What is IPTV?

IPTV is the acronym of Internet Protocol Television which provides users with TV programs and videos (both live and on-demand) through the Internet.

With the help of Internet protocol technology, IPTV provides digital television service to subscribers. The IPTV player is slightly different from the digital video that millions of people access on networks like Netflix and YouTube.

Unlike the standard cable and satellite connection service, several TVs can use a single IPTV subscription.

IPTV uses an Internet protocol-based network to provide TV channels to users’ set-top boxes. Furthermore, it allows users to select the program they want to watch when and where they want.

Internet networks differ from satellite and cable networks by offering content through the same client-server model that renders emails, websites, and other Internet-based services.

Internet protocol is the language used to transfer data packets between computers connected to the Internet.

Unlike cable and satellite services, IPTV has the ability to save programming on the servers at the end of the transmission, which allows users to access content on the Internet at any time and anywhere on platforms such as Android, Windows, Smart TV, iOS, Apple TV, Mac and more.

Is IPTV legal to use?

No one can deny the fact that the way we use television today is much more different from the way we used to watch television 15-20 years ago.

With the technology improving day after day, more and more people are looking for cheaper alternatives and there are many companies that sell IPTV subscription services.

IPTV can represent many things and there are some legitimate IPTV services available on the market today. For example, Hulu, Netflix, VUDU and similar types of IPTV streaming services are perfectly legal as an alternative to traditional cable and satellite services. Read the article below if you want to learn more.

Is IPTV free?

No. IPTV or Inter Protocol TV is not free. To play live TV channels in HD quality, a subscription-based M3U connection is required. There are some free M3U files available on the Internet that offer the least amount of poor quality TV channels. To watch quality content on IPTV, you need a good M3U provider or an IPTV subscription service.

Types of IPTV services

Besides broadcasting classic TV channels, IPTV also offers other services

  • Video on Demand (VoD)
  • Near Video on Demand
  • TV Time-Shifted
  • TV on demand
  • Live TV

Video on Demand (VoD)- IPTV allows users to watch any video (movies, TV shows, etc.) from the VoD IPTV media library.

Near Video on Demand – Near Video on Demand is a pay-per-view video service intended for multiple users who have subscribed to the nVoD service.

TV time-shifted– allows subscribers to view the live broadcast later. Users can play, rewind and take the video at will.

TV on Demand– with this function, you can record selected TV channels and can be viewed at any time.

Live TV– IPTV lets you watch all Live TV channels anytime, anywhere.

Where to buy the IPTV subscription?

There is a large number of IPTV providers available on the Internet to provide the best IPTV subscriptions. Just search quickly for “IPTV Subscription” on Google and you will find many of the best IPTV providers. Before purchasing any IPTV subscription, make sure you use the trial version because they work differently for different users. Also, make sure your subscription includes all your favorite channels.


In addition to simple technology, IPTV offers a far-reaching effort in the telecommunications and media sector to create global video entertainment. IPTV has become the main source of video viewing for a new generation of consumers and represents a shift from traditional cable and satellite streaming services.

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