How to make money with a blog – methods to monetize

With the advent of the internet, the way of conceiving work has also changed. There are many opportunities to use the web to earn money, how to open and manage a blog.

Contrary to what everyone thinks, having a blog, and exploiting one’s passion for writing, does not mean

monetizing easily and in a short time. Without sacrifices, fatigue and right monetization techniques, it is difficult to achieve the desired result.

Let’s see together which are the ideal methods to be able to build a worthy and worthy gain of the work employed to grow a blog.

The choice of the niche

The first step towards a solid gain is to decide which topic to dedicate to. The choice of the niche is relevant because, if the blog becomes too general, the issues are lost sight of, and the reader tends to lose interest in them.

The income in economic terms comes only where the blogger decides the specific niche to which he is paying attention, and on which he feels particularly knowledgeable. In this sense, however, it is good to remember that a topic is not a niche, but a part of that topic.

Establishing the point on which to focus helps to give credibility to the blog, as the reader will tend to identify you as an industry expert. In addition, it is also good for SEO optimization.

The recommendation is to choose a known topic, avoiding words and especially avoiding making fun of people. If the reader notices our gaps on that topic, he will soon leave reading our blog.

Over time we will have the data of the bounce rate worsen and therefore Google could penalize us, making our portal go down in the SERP.

Create traffic for your blog

The biggest obstacle to overcome is the traffic one.

In fact, before listing the various effective methods to be able to channel visualization and therefore readers (for the purpose of camouflage) we try to understand the importance of traffic.

It is clear that without a constant presence on the blog, there could be no real profit for our website.

Therefore, even if it is not easy to create one’s own network, one should slowly learn to move in a context that is as large as it is complex.

And as we will see below, there are proper steps to create traffic for your blog.

SEO optimization

The SEO expert knows this very well- among the methods of increase in “organic” traffic (traffic due to search by search engine, in the Italian case 95% by Google) and consequent better monetization, we find SEO as the absolute first, acronym for Search Engine Optimization. More simply let’s talk about optimizing a page for search engines.

This is an important component, as it is the main source of organic traffic, all-natural and free traffic, not pumped by social networks and exchange sites.

Thanks to the writing of the optimized SEO content, the articles posted on the blog are indexed on the search engine for various keywords and the more key indexed on the first few pages, the more Google increases the possibility of monetizing well.

Described this way it would seem very easy, but keep in mind that we have simplified to the maximum.

Knowing how to handle SEO techniques not only requires patience, but also determination and perseverance in studying the best strategies. However, in the long run, above all with experience, the results are achieved, so we must not despair at first if the site does not immediately increase traffic.

Make money with Google Adsense

Going to examine the direct methods of earning, a hint to Google Adsense could not be omitted as it is by far the fastest and in some sense accessible.

Nothing is needed other than the registration to the platform (which is free even if not automatic and related to the quality of the website) and once all the required fields have been filled in, within a few minutes we will receive the code for the banners to be implemented in the blog.

After inserting the banners on the site we will be paid for each click that the visitor will make on the ad. These are variable commissions, whose value changes according to the type of announcement. Usually, you can be paid from 0.10 cents to up to one euro per click. Values ​​not trivial all in all.

The banners are dynamic, that is they change according to the interests of the Internet users and the contents of the page where they are positioned.

Advertising banners

Not only are Google banners available. The blog can also be affixed “proprietary banners”. These are advertisements that companies propose to blogs themselves. This happens especially if the site is of a higher category.

For example, if the blog talks about smartphone phones, a well-known smartphone accessories house could contact the blogger and propose the inclusion of a banner on the site in exchange for a monthly or annual fee.

Not necessarily we have to wait for the companies that make the proposal, vice versa as a blogger we can also propose ourselves to them. However to be accepted, we must prove that we have enough traffic on the monster site- after all, no one would invest in a site with little or no traffic.

In short, the monetization of your blog is not really easy to do. Obviously the speech would be long-winded, you could indicate a multitude of tricks and tips to be implemented so that you can achieve your goal.

Nevertheless, the aforementioned ones are the most common and most used tools that can bring profitable and constant revenue to the webmaster or manager.


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