Best Wireless Chargers

Lovers of electronics are always all over electronics but if there’s anything we hate, it’s wiring. They are prone to tangling, hanging and when the most beautiful and powerful electronics are presented, wires can make them an eyesore. The desire to eradicate wire led to the rise of wireless charging. This is probably the solution to a headache that wires give you.

Apple recent devices and many flagship Android phones work with a wireless charging standard called Qi and the below listed wireless chargers can be used to charge your phone. A fairly large number of wireless chargers exist in the market and they come at different prices which can be difficult for you to choose from.

Some wireless chargers support fast-charging but not all phone supports this so it’s best to do some checking before you buy. To illustrate, iPhones support up to 7.5W, while some Samsung phones support up to 15W. Check out 5 our best wireless chargers in this blog post.

Best Wireless Chargers

  1. Aukey Graphite 10W Fast Wireless Charger

This is a fast and relatively cheap wireless charger with a rating of 10W. It is beautifully designed, ultra-compact and almost pebble-shaped, with a smooth matte black finish and silver metal outer ring. All these definitely give the Aukey Wireless charger a great aesthetic appeal which makes it look better than some wireless charger out there. You can know whether the charger is in its correct working mode by the indicator in form of a small LED that shows green if it is working properly. It is a tiny accessory spanning 87x87x12mm and weighing 128g. For balance on a desk, it has Four little rubber feet on the bottom while a 1m USB-C cable plugs in unobtrusively at the rear.

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  1. CHOETECH Fast Wireless Charger

In your bid to look for the best wireless charger, you should check out if it has the latest features and brand compatibility at a good price. That’s exactly what the CHOETECH Fast Wireless Charger got. It stands in an upright position and has a wide charging area, so you can position your phone in landscape or portrait during the charging period. Included, is a micro-USB cable. Fast charging is supported on this charger that allows you charge the majority of the newest  Samsung phones at 1.4 times faster than regular Qi wireless charging.

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  1. Anker PowerWave 15

While the PowerWave wireless chargers have been around for a while now, they are not that attractive though they are functional. This time, Anker added a more stylish and premium feel and the latest version that features a black, soft-touch pad with a sturdy, dark gray, aluminum frame. It possesses rubber feet on the bottom to stop it from sliding about when on the desk and  a blue indicatoright to give make you know it is powered on. This wireless charger will support fast charging and will be available very soon, so watch out.

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  1. Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad

This customized charger by Samsung is ideal for Samsung device users. If your Samsung device is Qi-enabled, then you should go for this. It also works with other non-Samsung phones, as long as Qi is supported on the phone. It does not weigh much and it is compact. The pad can charge the device faster when it is connected to the included fast charge wall charger. The The Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad is eliminating the gap in speed between wireless and wired charging

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  1. Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charger

If you need a fast wireless charger, then you need to get your hands on Belkin range of Boost Up pads. Where some have a power rating of 7.5 or even 5W, this Boost Up charger boasts of 15 watts that would give you a much quicker charging in less time. You need to ensure that your device supports fast and wireless charging to get the full benefit. It also sports a LED, soft surface to prevent scratches.

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