Best Teamviewer Alternatives for Windows

TeamViewer is a remote desktop tool that remotely connects you to multiple workstations at a time. It intensifies remote control performance via hardware-accelerated picture processing. It enables you to drag and drop documents from one device to another.

However, the major setback of   TeamViewer is the price of its pro version which is a quite expensive package. Plus, while updating a newer version, the update slows down. Poor security and low-resolution image are the other added drawbacks as reported by most of its previous users. That’s why I have brought a list of the top 5  TeamViewer alternatives for you in this article.

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Each of these 5 alternatives is briefly discussed including the price, description, features, and benefits. So, let’s delve in.

5 Team Viewer Alternatives

Best Teamviewer Alternatives for Windows
Best Teamviewer Alternatives for Windows

ConnectWise Control

Price: Starts at $30 per month for every 25 devices at a time

Connectwise is one of the most-sought substitutes for TeamViewer. Whether you are connecting with a device within the same country or anywhere across the world, Connectwise software is best at connecting it.  The tool lets you customize the package pricing as per your requirement. In simple words, you can make a customized plan and pay accordingly.


  • Allows fast connectivity
  • The advanced interface of ConnectWise is compatible with a more granular system privileges
  • Lets you exchange data and documents, calls and comments, share opinions while continuing the work at the same time
  • Offers quick access to a group of business clients at a time


  • The benefit of ConnectWise Control is breach-less security
  • Employed by a number of protection layers to keep the data secured
  • The application renders end-to-end 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer data encryption and is beyond the industry standard
  • Allows security settings customization

Remote Desktop Manager

Price: Starts at $199.99

Remote Desktop management tool lets you securely and remotely manage all the device connections with their respective servers on one platform only.

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  • Launches and remotely handles connections on a single platform
  • Lets you to keep all your data credentials and passwords organized and protected
  • Secure connections from  scammer attacks through granular secure access control
  • Lets you create a customized template to  simplify the overall management
  • Generates specific criteria-based customized reports


  • Allows easy control, monitoring, and maintenance of devices  connected to the internet
  • Fast troubleshooting of  technical issue through remote access
  • The breach-less connection between devices and the network servers allows  effortless access to the files
  • Explain access policies to the folders and files for different user categories

Chrome Remote Desktop


  • Chrome Remote Desktop is a freemium software and is available for anyone having a Google account.
  • To avail the multi-user plan, it charges around $99.00 per month. This plan allows you to manage about   300 devices at a time. Whereas, the corporate plan charges about $199.00 per month and allows you to manage up to 500 devices at a time.

Chrome Remote Desktop is not a full-featured screen- sharing software. CRD is the web browser extension of Chrome.     With it, you can set up a PC to access remotely through another device running on the Chrome web browser.


  • Allows remote access to a device even when the user of that device is not logged in
  • Renders multiple monitoring support
  • Effectively works for both on-demand and unattended remote access


The best thing about Remote Desktop Window is that it is compatible with multiple OS including Linux, Mac OS X, Chrome OS, and Windows. 


Price: Starts Free

Zoom is the most widely used screen sharing tool, especially for video conferencing. This platform is a perfect fit for any purpose, be it a corporate requirement, educational requirement, personal purpose, and others.


  • Increases mobility cum success in corporate sectors by helping teams to connect together and discuss presentations, as Zoom maintains clarity in both video and image display
  • Top-notch video conference platform for breach-less remote communication
  • User-friendly interface with simple chat feature integrated into the tool


  • Functions actively at anytime
  • Superior sound resolution and vivid video clarity
  • Absolutely user-friendly software
  • Allows only and only the main leader of the video conference to mute or enable other participants to speak or share documents, etc., at a time


Price: Starts at $2.99 per month

Skype is best for small scale businesses, plus friendly interactions with family and friends to enjoy a hassle-free conversation. Other than that, the multi-country audio conferences (for business), one-to-one live coaching class, and more are what you get on Skype.


  • Multi-country audio conferences based on a particular language
  • Breach-less interactions among the members of a group
  • Clear image cum video resolution and easy screen sharing facility make business presentations easier
  • Instant connection establishment and minimal to zero lag during a conversation


  • On Skype, you can make both voice and video calls for personal or business conversations
  • It speeds up remote communication, thereby increasing the work productivity through swift connection and discussion with the business colleague online
  • Ensures high-level authenticated security
  • Most affordable TeamViewer alternative ever

In Closing

Well, these are only some from the long list of other such remote desktop sharing tools that most internet marketers prefer to consider. However, when it is about finding a suitable substitute for TeamViewer, the ones mentioned in this guide are the primary options. Other than rendering hurdle-free access to another device, these tools enable real-time collaboration and chat features that can strengthen employee engagement followed by customer experience.

Lastly, it is worth availing any of these 5 alternative tools to TeamViewer. There is no universal option that can be considered as the ultimate TeamViewer alternative. Requirements vary from one user to another. So, you must pick an alternative accordingly. One thing to note: whichever tool you choose you to make in place of  TeamViewer software, make sure about its accessibility and security, as these two should be your top two agendas.

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