Best Free Proxy Server Sites

If you have ever used VPN services, you might be well aware of the proxies. Proxies and VPNs do the same thing – they mask the IP Address. However, both of them were different. Proxy servers act as an intermediate level between you and the internet.

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Proxy servers force your internet traffic to go through a middle-man (a remote machine), connecting you to the host server. In this way, it hides your real IP Address.

What are Proxy Sites?

These sites allow users to bypass the normal route and access geo-restricted sites. Proxy sites are helpful when you want to access blocked sites at school, college, or workplace.

Proxy sites also serve as the best VPN alternative because it masks the real IP Address.

However, unlike VPNs which encrypt your web traffic, proxies don’t encrypt your traffic between your computer and the proxy servers.

List of 100 Best Free Proxy Server Sites in 2021

Now that you are well aware of Proxy server sites and how they work, it’s time to know the best Proxy server sites list.

Below, we will share a few best web proxy sites that can be used to change your IP address.

Most of the proxy websites listed on the articles have HTTPS support, and they can unblock most of the blocked websites.

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So above are the best free proxy server sites. With these proxy server sites, you can access any blocked site.

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